While driving your RV Rental, the engine trickle charges the on-board 12V direct current (DC) deep cycle ‘house’ batteries.

With engine off, the ‘house’ batteries require campsite plug-in alternating current (AC) electrical power, or generator plug-in (AC) electric power, to maintain charge.

The ‘house’ batteries are integral to operation of internal RV systems; providing 12V DC power for interior lights, internal water pump, furnace blower fan motor, auto ignition for propane powered hot water tank, furnace heater & fridge.

IF you carefully manage your battery levels, you may be okay for one evening without campsite power, but beyond that you should consider renting a generator for your RV rental.

Using the on-board furnace heater system, without campsite power, will discharge the 'house' batteries quickly, within 20-50 minutes. This is due to the extreme 12V draw from the blower fan motor.

RV Rent Vancouver Island rents light weight, ultra quiet, Honda Suitcase generators.

Generators provide electrical plug-in (AC) power to trickle charge the ‘house’ batteries. Provide power for your electronic cell phone chargers, and depending on which size generator you rent; may operate one small kitchen appliance, or hair dryer at a time.


  • Air Conditioning 'house' ceiling mounted unit, and microwave, will NOT work off your rental generator.
  • Microwave require 15 plus amps/li>
  • Air Conditioning 'house' unit require 25-35 amps/li>
  • Rental generators provide only 5-20 amps, depending on which one you rent./li>
  • Only RVs with built-in 4,000 watt (40 amp) - 5,000 watt (50 amp) or greater generators, will operate your air conditioning 'house' unit, and microwave, etc./li>
  • Most RVs have dash air conditioning, so with the engine running, you can generate cool air to the RV. Not the most efficient way, but it works.

Rental Rates:

Honda Low Output 5 Amp ($115, per week, $15, daily rate after 7 days)


Honda EX650 Generator

Honda High Output 10 Amp ($145 per week, $20 daily rate after 7 days)


Honda EU1000i Generator

 KIPOR 20 Amp ($185 per week, $25 daily rate after 7 days)

 KIPOR 40 Amp ($305 per week, $42 daily rate after 7 days)

Gas canister & cable lock included.