While driving your RV the engine trickle charges the on-board 12V direct current (DC) deep cycle ‘house’ batteries.

With the engine off, the ‘house’ batteries require campsite plug-in alternating current (AC) electrical power, or generator plug-in (AC) electric power, to maintain a full charge.

The ‘house’ batteries are integral to the operation of onboard RV systems; providing 12V DC power for interior lights, fresh water pump, furnace blower fan motor, auto ignition for propane powered hot water tank & fridge.

IF you carefully manage your battery levels, you may be okay for 2 to 3 evenings without campsite power, but beyond that you should consider renting a generator for your RV rental or moving to a full service site.

The biggest offender of drawing power is the use of the on-board furnace heater system without campsite power. Continued use of the furnace will discharge the 'house' batteries quickly, within 1 – 2 hours.

But don’t despair, RV Rent Vancouver Island rents light weight, ultra quiet, suitcase generators ranging from 10amps to 24amps.

Generators provide electrical plug-in (AC) power to charge the ‘house’ batteries. Provide power for your electronic cell phone chargers, and depending on which size generator you rent; may operate one small kitchen appliance, or hair dryer at a time.


Air Conditioning 'house' ceiling mounted unit, and microwave, will only work off the 24amp generator BUT if running the house AC, you will not likely get sufficient power to run the microwave or any large appliance.

Don’t wish to rent a generator or we are sold out? Most RVs have dash air conditioning, so with the engine running, you can generate cool air to the RV. Not the most efficient way, but it works.

Rental Rates:

Honda EU1000i Generator

Honda High Output 10 Amp ($147 per week, $19.95 daily rate after 7 days)

 KIPOR 20 Amp ($189 per week, $25.65 daily rate after 7 days)


Powerhouse 48 amp Generator


POWERHOUSE 24 AMP ($203 per week, $27.55 daily rate after 7 days)


Gas canister & cable lock included.