Insurance & Driving License


Only those with a ‘full’ and valid license will be permitted to rent and drive the vehicles. (no learners, ‘L’ or ‘N’ drivers). RVRVI Insurance: The Vehicle is insured with a $5,000,000 third party liability policy (maximum) and a $1000.00 deductible per incident (minimum). The Owner’s insurance does not cover liability for loss of personal property nor does it cover cost for accommodation, transportation, replacement of vehicle if the vehicle is stolen or should the vehicle break down making the rented vehicle in-operable

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS – Please note the following conditions: There is no insurance coverage and the Customer will be responsible for all damages if the vehicle is driven to an unauthorized area without approval. All units have GPS trackers in them, if travelling to unauthorized areas you will forfeit your full damage deposit. Travelling down unauthorized roads can cause serious damage and no refunds of any kind will be given for any of issues or mechanical breakdowns.


Unauthorized areas on VI include but not limited to, are;

  • Logging roads and non-public roads.
  • All un-numbered highways/roads.
  • Nitnat Lake and Bamfield
  • Cape Scott
  • Tahsis
  • please check with rental office for any additional restrictions due to road closures, protests, etc.

OFF–ROAD DRIVING PROHIBITED – Evidence of off-road travel (ie. damage to tires from gravel roads, paint chips, suspension or undercarriage damage) will result in the Customer being responsible for all repairs performed. The Customer will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle. A visual inspection will be performed before and after each rental to differentiate existing damage from new.



All drivers must possess a full-privilege Class 5 or automotive driver’s license or equivalent from their home country, valid for the entire rental period. If your licence is not in English, we recommend that you obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) as it is in a standard format and easily distinguishable by local authorities. Drivers should have previous experience operating a motorhome, or towing a larger travel trailer or boat, or at the very least, driving a larger dual-wheel U-Haul style cargo truck. Minimum age is 21 years and only driver(s) listed on Terms & Conditions agreement are allowed to drive (Exceptions will be looked at on a case by case basis)

ADDITIONAL DRIVER – Additional drivers are $8.00/per day for each additional driver for duration of your trip Please Note – A copy of driver’s license and a credit card is required at time of pick up.

NOTE: All drivers that MAY drive the rental vehicle must ensure they are legally allowed to drive the same type of vehicle in their home country and that their driver’s license does not list any restrictions in that regard. In the event of a claim, the driver’s license is the document that will be referenced by the responding authorities and the person in question must have the proper documents to prove their legal capabilities or they will immediately assume fault for the claim until they provide supporting documentation. Deductible of up to $1000 for Canadian residents, and up to $1500 for non Canadian residents, per occurrence will be deducted from damage deposits:

  • For any accident with the vehicle where fault is found with the named driver.
  • Broken or cracked windshields. The customer will be responsible for

ALL COSTS associated with the repair or loss of the vehicle in the case of the following:

  • Damage and/or accident while driving in unauthorized areas.
  • Damage and accidents caused while the vehicle is driven by unauthorized driver or driver under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  • Wilful damage.
  • Damage or loss incurred during illegal acts
  • Damages and accidents caused while vehicle driven by an unauthorized driver not listed on the rental contract.

TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS, TOLLS & PARKING TICKETS – The Customer is responsible for fully paying out all Traffic Violations & Parking Tickets incurred during the rental period. Known violations or parking tickets will be deducted from damage deposit. Upon return, please report any violation tickets that may have occurred during the rental period, with a copy of the ticket. Failure to do so will result in an administrative fee of $100 per violation ticket, charged to the customer by RVRVI.

EMERGENCY ROADSIDE SUPPORT – We have a support number for our customer’s convenience that goes directly to an RV Tech in the event any issues arise. If there have been any issues and you have chosen not to use our support line so that our RV Techs can try to resolve the problem, no reimbursements will be issued.

REPAIRS / MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBILITY – At RVRVI we take pride in providing vehicles in the best mechanical condition. In the unlikely event that a mechanical failure occurs, the Customer is authorized to proceed with the necessary repairs up to $125.00. For expenses over $125.00, the Customer must telephone the rental office for authorization before proceeding with repairs. Replacement parts must be returned to the rental office for reimbursement. Should a tow be required due to mechanical failure, RVRVI will reimburse this charge upon presentation of invoice by the Customer. Simple maintenance such as checking the oil and coolant levels shall be the responsibility of the customer while the vehicle is under their care. Neglect o overfilling of the engine or transmission oil may result in vehicle failure which will result in delays and costs to the Customer. Radio, cruise control, microwave, air conditioning, plumbing, fridge, stove and any other appliance breakdowns are not considered mechanical breakdowns. There are no refunds for repairs to these items. Should any mechanical breakdown repair take longer than 24 hours, The Owner’s liability is limited to a maximum refund of the entire rental period, or daily portion thereof.

CHILD SEATS – RV Rent Does not provide or install child seats. Please contact us for recommendations.