RV Trip Planning

If you’re planning a Rental RV trip, these are our Top 5 RV Things to Think About, before leaving on your adventure.

1. Know Your Route – Think about which points of interest you wish to see, friends and family you wish to visit, and activities you wish to undertake. Then map the trip from the comfort of your home.

  • This is where online mapping becomes invaluable, as you will quickly determine distance and time.
  • Driving our RV’s on gravel roads is absolutely not permitted. The gravel and rocks shooting up off the tires hit the undercarriage causing damage, and the washboard, bumps and potholes on the gravel road destroy the suspension and linkages, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Keep in mind RV’s are generally hard to turn around, so don’t end up on a dead end street with no way to get out, other than backing up.
  • Know where your gas stations are that serve Liquid Auto Propane Gas, on average 1 out of every 3 gas stations serves LPG.
  • Know where Sani-Dump stations are located along the route.

2. Budget – Once you know distance and points of interest, you will be able to figure out budget, and stick to it.

Average fuel consumption varies with each RV model, based on driver habits, speed, mountain or hilly terrain, and payload.

  • 19’ – 20’ Motorhomes = 10-16 Miles/Gallon: 15-20 Liter/100;
  • 24’ – 25’ Motorhomes = 8-11 Miles/Gallon: 18-28 Liter/100 km;
  • 28’ – 30’ Motorhomes = 7-10 Miles/Gallon: 23-33 Liter/100 km.

The average private RV Campground with full service hook-ups such as sewer, electrical and potable water, charge between $40 and $75 per night. BC Provincial campgrounds charge between $20 and $50 per night.
(Rates may change).

3. Timeline – Knowing your route, budget, and timeline will maximize enjoyment and ensure a stress free adventure.

  • Give yourself enough time at the end to prepare your RV rental for return to the office. It should be returned in the same condition as picked up, to avoid any additional fees. Plan for approx. 2 hours to take care of this process.
  • You will need to empty all your stuff out, clean the interior, sani-dump the grey and black water tanks.
  • Fill the gas and propane fuel tanks.

4.  Insurance/ Driver’s License – You do not require additional insurance to drive our vehicles. As long as your driver’s license of your province or country of residence allows you to drive the same vehicle (or similar) there then you can drive it here. An International Drivers License is beneficial but not required.

  • Our insurance has $5 million liability and a $1000.00 (CAN) deductible for Canadian Residence and 1500.00 (CAN)  for non residence.
  • Proof of license held is required on the reservation form and a copy will be taken at time of pick up.
  • The refundable damage deposit, required at time of pick up, is $1000 for Canadian Residents and $1500 for non-Canadians.

5. Checklist – Lists are great tools for planning your RV Adventure, have a look at the two downloadable PDF’s supplied on this page, for some ideas.

Departure Checklist – Download

RV Rental Tips & Driving Standards – Download