Safe RV’s

All our RV’s are previously used models but no older than 2008 with the majority 2010 and we post photos of the actual RV you are renting on our website. We work hard to ensure your Motor Home is safe, fully inspected, properly insured and mechanically serviced at all times.

Safe, before your trip even starts.

The official Certified Mechanical Repair Garage for RV Rent Vancouver Island is BMT Group Services Ltd who specialize in Bus and Motor home mechanical and collision repair who provide an up-to-date, 30 point, written inspection form for each RV in our fleet.
All our RVs are equipped with driver and passenger cab shoulder and lap seat belts. Rear living quarters of all our RV’s will have lap seat belts, usually around the dinette, couch or swivel chair. Ask about child car seat restraint clips, if required.

Should you require a child seat rental, please contact Abra-Kid-Abra located in Victoria BC.

Please remember - wearing a seat belt is the law in BC and no use of mobile devices are allowed.